Challenge #1

Artificial Intelligence and Motorsport: how technologies could improve fans’ experience?


Challenge Winners Rewards


  • For individuals (Vision): 1.000 euros for the 1st place
  • For teams (Teamworks): 1.000 euros per Team Member

Winners under 30 (if graduated or near-graduate) will have the chance to have an interview with HR Magneti Marelli Motorsport department, for an internship at the Magneti Marelli headquarter.



  • Every team member must be between 18 and 35 years-old
  • Participants must guarantee the originality of their projects (without violate the copyright law).
  • Every team have to add at least 1 team member and 1 team leader. Once the team is registered, it is not possible to modify it.
  • Every team member must be registered and they must confirm their participation. A notification will be sent by email when the person will confirm or deny his/her participation.
  • Every participant could submit only 1 project. The participant could submit a single Vision or be part of a single team per challenge.
  • Deadline: projects must be submitted before 12.00 am CET of the 12 of November 2017.

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