Motor Show Hackathon

During the 2014 Bologna Motor Show , Magneti Marelli organized its first Hackathon in collaboration with The FabLab Milan, called “New roads for innovation”. It involved a challenge between universities scheduled in Hall 25 of the Motor Show. Four teams, each consisting of four students (attending the universities of Bologna, Brescia, Milan and Turin) came face to face in an eight-hour long challenge (from 09 am to 17 pm) during which they have been asked to design and implement a technological solution in the automotive/motorsport field, tackling various design softwares, 3D printers and laser cutters.

All students proved their talent, ability and creativity. After going head to head with the University of Bologna, The Milan team, composed of Alberto Taraborrelli, Stefano Giubilini, Matteo Moro and Attilio Trovato, with the tutoring of Leonardo Carraro (The Fablab), eventually won the award for the best project.

The jury of experts appreciated the original approach in the design of the physical part of the dashboard and the combination of graphics, design and software. Thanks to their success, the winners had the opportunity to undertake internship within the company.

This event was evidence of Magneti Marelli’s attention to new ways of conceiving technological innovation, also relating to the automotive industry, in particular to the “lateral and extended thinking” of the Internet and to new creative and collaborative modes enabled by new media.

Below you can see the Hackathon Official Video.

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