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In 2015, on the occasion of the Formula 1 Grand Prix that took place over the weekend in Monza, as usual Magneti Marelli opened the doors of its permanent “Giuseppe Valpreda” Hospitality area with various initiatives.

In particular, the presence of Magneti Marelli was characterised by the theme “From Track to Road, from Virtual to Real” that aims at exploring the technological connections between the world of the track and that of the road and also the new virtual dynamics related to the Internet and to social protocols that are able to stimulate technological innovation within the company. In this sense, the protagonist was our community LapTime Club.

One of the finalists during his elevator pitch
One of the finalists during his elevator pitch

There were two major initiatives. The first was “LapTime Club: live in Monza” and involved the live conclusion of the virtual challenge launched on LapTime Club entitled «In 2015, International Year of the Light, and on the bidirectional thread of the theme “from Track to Road”, we ask you for possible applications of lighting technologies in the motorsport world both for safety reasons and for pure entertainment». Through the “Elevator Pitch” formula (five minutes for participants to present their ideas), the five best ideas communicated via LapTime Club community and selected by a pool of Magneti Marelli experts, competed live on the Hospitality stage.

Magneti Marelli team celebrates the innovation spirit of the five finalists
Magneti Marelli team celebrates the innovation spirit of the five finalists

The ideas of the finalists were very relevant, namely “Information panel on cars/LED technology around the track” by Matteo Piva, “Interactive laser light system inside lighting able to give feedback to drivers by projections on the racetrack” by Attilio Trovato, “Lights on the track” by Vittorio Mistretta and “Lighting to increase the television show and technical data” by Antonio Pappaterra.

The winning idea for the panel of Magneti Marelli Motorsport experts however was “Interactive skins for race cars’’, a project by Emilio Fazzoletto, an off-site student and guest of Magneti Marelli, who came from Stockholm to present his idea.
His proposal illustrated the possibility to make the liveries of racing cars (or certain areas of them) iridescent in real time through a system of sensors and areas lit with organic LEDs (“OLEDs”).
The lighting of these areas can be useful to communicate with “luminous” language the charge state of a hybrid system, mapping of the engine in use, the emergency statuses and communication between vehicles, among other aspects.

The second initiative of the LapTime Club was called “Tweet your idea” and involved the F1 fans at Monza on Friday and Saturday.
Within the Magneti Marelli Hospitality area, it was possible to obtain the initiative postcard on the theme: “Thanks to technological innovations, the world of Motorsport is experimenting with new ways to engage the public. How would you improve the quality of the show in racing both on television and live?”.
In this case, the challenge for the public was to condense their ideas in a tweet of no more than 140 characters. This was also a simple way to show how our community works.

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