LapTime Club: a short guide by Riccardo De Filippi, Head of Engineering of Magneti Marelli Motorsport

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Before starting work on your project, you should clear up your mind and think about all the steps you have to follow to give yourself a good chance to win. A brilliant idea is excellent, but not enough: you need a great organization to make it real and effective!

If you want to apply for the first Challenge of the new LapTime Club, it is important to keep in mind your idea to show why your plan is better than others.
The topic of this year is “Artificial Intelligence and Motorsport: how technologies could improve fans’ experience?”.

Watch the video below and listen to Riccardo De Filippi, Head of Engineering of Magneti Marelli Motorsport, to get more ideas:

Here some tips that could help you with your project:

Focus on a specific situation, technology or event related to “A.I. and the Motorsport” that you want to create, upgrade or renew it!

Learn how to give to your idea a useful function in the motorsport world: get more information through case histories and experiments. Is your idea good enough to play a key-role in the sector?

Highlight all the important features of your work that can immediately make your project clear to understand. You should emphasize the most relevant parts of your project in order to make the difference from other ideas.

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