How Internet of Things will save the (Motorsport) world?

As suggested by many professionals and researchers from all over the world over the last year and a half, the Internet of Things (IoT) will shortly become a powerful way to make the world (and people lives) smarter through the power of connections.

As a matter of fact, the IoT has changed the traditional behavior of many objects: if Internet connects people, internet of things links different objects within an Internet-like structure and makes them more effective through net technologies and a smarter use of data. According to an article published by Gartner in December 2013, the Internet of Things installed base will grow to 26 billion units by 2020*. Forbes** stresses how its main benefits include faster time to market, improved reliability, predictive maintenance and better life cycle management.



Applied to the automotive & motorsport field, IoT becomes the Internet of Cars:

Connected vehicles’ are cars that access, consume, create, enrich, direct, and share digital information between businesses, people, organizations, infrastructures, and things. Those “things” include other vehicles, which is where the Internet of Things becomes the Internet of Cars.

As these vehicles become increasingly connected, they become self-aware, contextual, and eventually, autonomous. Those of you reading this will probably experience self-driving cars in your lifetime — though maybe not all three of its evolutionary phases: from automated to autonomous to unmanned. ***

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