Challenge #1

Artificial Intelligence and Motorsport: how technologies could improve fans’ experience?

Challenge Brief

Nowadays Motorsport is not just a question of performance. Combining technology and technique, passion and curiosity, Motorsport has become a full immersive live show experience.

In the last years, due to the incredible increase of digital technologies and social media, fans’ engagement played a key role in top Motorsport events. We moved from a passive type of involvement to an interactive one: just an example, in Formula E fans can chose to give their favourite driver extra power in the race, with the FanBoost (online voting system) on social media.

People want to experience the event as a protagonist: as seen also in other sports, you can calculate and analyze real time performance, check 3-D model for dynamic replay or vote your favourite athlete before, during and after the competition. These are only few examples of what technologies can do to help engaging fans.

At the same time, Magneti Marelli Motorsport is always looking to find new ideas and technological solutions. For this reason, our 2017 challenge is focused on “Artificial Intelligence and Motorsport”, one of the most interesting topic of the last years.

How we can improve fans’ experience through new suggestive technologies?

This year we challenge our community of innovators to bring us ideas on how to improve fans experience, at trackside or from home, exploiting some already existing technologies or creating something from scratch.

Now your mission should be clear, the key is to spot the right technology and find the way to use it to achieve the goal. It’s your turn, bring us your idea and we will help you to make it real!

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