Challenge #1

Artificial Intelligence and Motorsport: how technologies could improve fans’ experience?



Participants for the Vision Challenge must focus on a specific situation, technology or event related to “A.I. and the Motorsport”. They had to summarize the project with a short abstract and sent the presentation, explaining the highlights of their ideas.


The winner of the Vision challenge is ARTUR ZABCZYK from Poland!
His project is called WHAT-IF and it is a suggestive idea to look at Motorsport events with another perspective.

Here below you can find the abstract of the project:

What-if  is a special system designed for simulating and showing alternative situations. After an incident, a couple of other ending are calculated, simulated and showed, so fans know how it would be in other way and they are supporting their drivers much more enthusiastic. With WHAT-IF the fans do not have to be restricted to what they see. They can see, what they mean. The fans’ minds can be opened for unique experiences that can bring them back to the event with unique feelings“.

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