Challenge #1

Artificial Intelligence and Motorsport: how technologies could improve fans’ experience?



Participants who applied as a team must focused on a specific situation, technology or event related to “A.I. and the Motorsport”, summarized the project with a short abstract and realized a Proof of Concept. It consisted in a detailed presentation with the description of all the technologies involved.


The winning team of the Teamwork challenge is the Spanish MELG TEAM of Mario Rodriguez and Yeray Pescador!

Their project was called Fan Engineering Experience Project and it represented a smart idea to increase the fans’ experience of F1 trough the the work of an engineering team and the support of the A.I. experts.

Here below you can find the abstract of the project:

“The purpose of the FEE project is to involve the F1 fans in the engineering decisions through AI, improving the fan engagement.
The A.I. system will evaluate the answers to specific questions made to the F1 fans. The engineers and A.I. experts will formulate these questions.
There will be a worldwide ranking where the F1 fans will show up. The people in the top of the ranking will have the opportunity to participate in the decisions of the engineering F1 teams”.

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