An introduction to Telemetry sistem and Wintax

Telemetry could be described as the communication process needed to collect data from remote and/or inaccessible points, transmitting them in order to receive equipment for monitoring.

When applied to the motorsport field, the term stands for the storage and analysis of data acquired onboard the racing vehicle (car, motorcycle, offshore, etc.); insiders mean data transmission via radio to the pits, for remote and real-time monitoring of the vehicle during the competition.

For example, the following information are stored and analysed:

  • temperature of brakes, water, oil, fuel, engine, transmission, electronic control units and mechanical parts
  • pressure of all hydraulic systems (water, fuel, brakes, transmission)
  • data coming from the engine: RPM, injection and pressure, fuel, ignition times, etc.
  • data coming from the chassis: suspensions, pressure on aerodynamic parts, all data concerning transmission, tyres, stability, balancing under braking, etc
  • hundreds of diagnostics and mathematical channels indicating the results of software processing (strategies) carried out in real time by the onboard electronic control units

It is hard to imagine that there are dozens of cables hiding underneath the “skin” of a racing car, connecting electronic control units to all kinds of sensors. These sensors measure parameters and information such as, for example, the ‘number of laps’ or the ‘brakes temperature’.


Magneti Marelli Motorsport has developed WinTAX, the top ranking PC application for data acquisition and analysis in Motorsport competitions. The tool is the result of more than 20 years of continuous evolution and partnership with the top teams in F1, DTM, WRC, Le Mans Series, GT, MotoGP and SuperBike. Its flexibility allows to use it at every motorsport level, adapting to different needs: from the highest levels of motorsport to those who looks for the first time at racing world. WinTAX4 is appropriate for an individual data analyst or for many professional engineers monitoring telemetry together.

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